Meet Jess, the cook!

Hi! I’m Jess. I am an eighties baby, a certified nerd, a lifelong food-lover and a writer by heart.

I created veggiesoulsista.com for two major purposes. The first is to show that vegetarian eating can be a diverse experience that isn’t limited to carrot sticks and salads.

As a person of color from the rural south,  I often am met with befuddlement and general shock when I say that I am vegetarian. The most common question asked: “What do you EAT?!” This is followed by some comment about how I am not a twig, a stick figure or a bag of bones (thanks guys). The answer to the riddle, and the reason why I look like I am not starving to death, is that I eat everything — except meat! And guess what y’all — it’s delicious!

I also created veggiesoulsista.com to document my culinary progress. I recently got myself hitched to a VeggieSoulBrotha, and I love cooking for us. Prior to jumping the broom, I liked cooking, but I didn’t do it often.  My mother is a retired home economics teacher and I love watching Food Network, so I was very knowledgeable about the fundamentals of baking and cooking. However, I was very inexperienced in the kitchen. I had the book smarts without the street smarts. Now I am cooking more and more every day, and I look forward to growing with you and sharing the lessons I’ve learned.