Cranberry Lemon Pecan Scones

Cranberry Pecan Lemon Scone

Cranberry Lemon Pecan Scones

Soft and sweet, these cranberry lemon pecan scones are the perfect match for an omelette or scrambled tofu.

I use a food processor for this recipe, but you can make the dough without one. Details are in the steps.

This recipe makes either 12 large or 16 small scones. If you are making this recipe for a small group or just yourself, you don’t have to make a smaller batch — just put the extra dough on ice! See steps 1 and 12 in the recipe below for freezer directions.

Adapted from Epicurious.


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2 tablespoons sugar and 1 tablespoon lemon juice make this quick glaze for the scones. Stir it up with a fork, and use a pastry brush to slather it on the raw, uncut scone dough.food processor with butter, ingredients for cranberry lemon pecan sconesPastry cutter with flour mixture for cranberry lemon pecan scones.dry mix for cranberry lemon pecan sconesBall of cranberry lemon pecan scone doughHalves of cranberry lemon pecan scone doughFlat disk of cranberry lemon pecan scone doughCut raw cranberry lemon pecan scone doughCranberry lemon pecan scones after bakingCranberry Lemon Pecan Scone On plate

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